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E.K 2. Klasse - Unusual ribbon and who is the maker?


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Hello all ... To anyone interested, I have an EK 2 from WW1 and it bears all the hallmarks of being authentic; three-piece, magnetic core, maker's mark and right feel/look. However the ribbon seems unusual in that the white stripes adorning the edges seem thinner than the standard. The ribbon hangs from a kind of end-clasp with pin. It is stamped 'LW' which as far as I can tell was a genuine period maker of this medal but the exact name is not known. Can anyone out there explain the appearance of this ribbon and were there others like it? ... also, if by some chance anyone knows anything of this maker and can shed a little light on the matter I would be grateful. Thanks. 

E.K WW1 LW A.jpg

E.K WW1 LW B.jpg

E.K WW1 LW C.jpg

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The pin bar has been added by someone at some stage, never worn with such. The ribbon does look unusal, but old. Ribbons similar to the Iron Cross were worn with various war decorations, see previous article about Prussian Decorations. Maker LW was Luis Werner, see lists here:



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