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SS cigarette case is it real?


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Can anyone tell my what all the symbols mean and numbers? Plus is it a real ss cigarette case. Kind regards Lee 




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This is apparently a real siver cigarette case. There are various puzzling silver marks
900 is the silver content (as in Germany), meaning 90 percent pure silver, also neatly stamped into a recess and another stamp next to it, makers initials of some sort, cannot say what these are.
There is also an impressed GES.GESCH. which is short for Gesetzlich geschützt, meaning there is a patent on this and copying not permitted

Now, we come to the engraving on the lid with an iron cross, eagles head and SS runes. This reminds my of the book cover of an American guide to militaria, can't think off-hand which one, but is well known in the militaria trade. I would say, this SS logo has been nicely engraved by an unauthorised person sometime after WW2. I'm sure most others will agree with me. So you have a real silver cigarette case, which has been buffed up to make it very important.
It may even be originally English silver with a few marks added, and the rest erased. It is the same with many Third Reich presentation bayonets, you have an original bayonet, which has been nicely engraved after WW2 by someone. Very few of these are original engraving.

It is best to be very wary about SS items before buying, 99 percent today is fake, especially the cheap stuff, which in the end is not cheap.

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I agree post war 

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