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Miscellaneous Items


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A few items without category.

I believe this watch is Russian and appears to be a military engraving. Any thoughts?

Collapsing metal cup and box.

Small metal container with Skull on front. Inside some 19th century erotica? 












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First photo, silver presentation watch, the engraved cross bears the monoram of the last Tsar, Nikolaus II. above is the word: Pomnite = Remembrance, the watch is certainly of a very exclusive make, has Moskau or Petersburg hallmarks, I would say Moskau, and is numbered. Further inscription of Tsa Yucerdije - "for zeal",
so this was a form of award rather than a medal to the recipient. This is a case for a specialist, it is also inscribed in the old Russian handwriting, which very few can read today. Look for an expert, I'm sure there are competent specialists who can tell you more about this type of watch and the reason for the presentation, I would definitely suggest more research on this, this is a very important item.

The second watch, or is this the same watch (?) has obviously a cavalry association. It could be a prize for a riding competition, etc.

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I think both items are prizes for riding competitions :lol:  

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Only one watch, total of five photos. The riding soldier is the front of the engraved watch. 


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I realised that afterwards. As for the cup, this is a personal item, a type of picnic or travel cup. The engraving is rather individual and discreet/indiscreet, would not be noticed by most. For the personal  effects not in keeping with the conduct code of an officer, not socially acceptable, but perhaps under a small circle of friends in a private drinking round, a source of amusement. If discovered, this could become a source of scandal, leading to instant dishonorable dismissal, or quietened down to avoid a scandal.

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