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The Mutiny and Outbreak of Revolution in Kiel, November 1918


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Revolution and mutiny on 5. November 1918 in Kiel. The revolution had broken out and together with the mutiny in Kiel and other ports was to cause the final collapse of Germany and the end of the Monarchy in the final days of the Great War.
These two officers* were murdered by mutineers while defending the flag in Kiel:
*Korvettenkapitän Bruno Heinemann

Wolfgang Zenker (Offizier) – Wikipedia

*Leutnant z. See Wolfgang Zenker + 8.11.1918 (S.M.S. König)

Ist möglicherweise ein Bild von 2 Personen und Denkmal



Karl Artelt became one of the leaders of the Kiel mutiny.






Wie Ernst Busch den Matrosenaufstand erlebte | NDR.de - NDR 1 Welle Nord

Meuterei in Kiel: Mit einem Gerücht begann die Revolution - WELT

CDU-Minister zur Novemberrevolution: Ein legendäres Vorwort - taz.de

100 Jahre Matrosenaufstand - Bundesweit Erinnerungsstücke gesucht - THB

Meuterei 1918 in Wilhelmshaven - Aufstand der Matrosen und Heizer (Archiv)

Einweihung Revolutionsdenkmal Wilhelmshaven › SPD Wilhelmshaven

Mutiny and revolution in Kiel and Wilhelmshaven, November 1918


The gravestone of Bruno Heinemann is apparently in a private collection, it should have remained at the St. Jürgen-Friedhof in Stralsund, and remain preserved as a war grave.

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Hi Fritz, another post with these strange image links, I've not come across this problem before are these viewable on your PC? 

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They have now disappeared unfortunately. Perhaps I can find them again and repost them?

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