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Arnheim Medals


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Corporal Frank Jackson, 2nd Batallion, Parachute Regiment, One of the few who got to the bridge. Badly wounded but survived.
Further information arrived:

1 Platoon of A Company, 2nd Battalion, Parachute Regiment.
Taken prisoner 21st September, taken to Camp 11B, POW number 117254.


(Photo and info: Brian Sheeran/facebook)


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They were from a facebook posting, maybe I can find them again. Here are some other related images


On this day in 1944, seven members of the Intelligence Corps, six N.C.O.s and one officer of 89 Field Security Section, parachuted with the first drop into Arnhem; Operation MARKET GARDEN. Additional N.C.O.s soon followed with the glider-borne elements.

The Field Security Officer (F.S.O.) and four N.C.O.s stayed in the town and fought with 2nd Battalion the Parachute Regiment, while the others remained with their respective battalion HQs. Two section members died in the operation, five were wounded-in-action but escaped and the rest were captured.


Christine wears her Father's medals proudly at Anzac day 2015. Chris's Father served with the British Paratroopers and jumped into Arnhem during Operation Market Garden and then re-enlisted to serve his country in Korea.

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