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WW1 Propaganda Art


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Here is a interesting item, a unique item I found awhile back. It is a idealized rendering of WW1 US forces driving the Germans back, clearly it is propaganda, as no one was marching into combat with flags at this point. But this piece does show how information control affected the population back then. Most people only knew what they were told, and read in newspapers and books that were censored. Also it depicts only US forces beating the enemy, this may have been a piece used in war bond drives. I have had this conversation a lot, about who won the war. It was a collaborative effort, no one nation ended the war, but rather they all worked together more or less to end hostilities. Unfortunately the Armistice was only a 20 year time out. Nice piece that displays well on my walls anyway. 

IMG_4927 (2).JPG

IMG_4930 (2).JPG



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