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WW1 Era German Belt Buckle Fakes

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I have been seeing a lot of these items lately, they are very well done by the way. The seller is listing them as repro's, the buckle itself looks good, the plate looks too new and does not match the wear of the buckle, however, buyer beware.


s-l500 (1).jpg

s-l500 (2).jpg

s-l500 (3).jpg

s-l500 (4).jpg

s-l500 (5).jpg

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These are some of the rarer buckles and highly priced.

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Reproduktion Koppelschloss für Mannschaften PreussenReproduktion Koppelschloss für Mannschaften Württemberg

Here are an obvious copies, Prussia, Württemberg and a few other versions for around 15 Euros upwards

Sachsen Koppelschloss für Mannschaften Infanterie Regiment 106Sachsen Koppelschloss für Mannschaften Infanterie Regiment 106


A few of these have been turning up lately, offered as originals, but in a very beaten up state, I think this example is original,
it costs just under 300 Euros. There are also grey metal versions around.
This buckle was worn only by Kgl.Sächsisches Schützen- (Füsilier-) Regiment Nr.108, which is very rare indeed. Example in picture is a copper coloured Tombak version, with a varation hook system to the rear. Note the solder marks, medallion many have been repaired or reattached at an earlier stage.

Reproduktion Koppelschloss für Mannschaften Preussen Feldgrau

A copy of the "fieldgrey" version, no grey, completely blank.


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