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British Shoulder Tabs


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I recently got a pair of British shoulder tabs, slip on type, I was told they are WW1 era, can anyone confirm this? I have not been able to find out much on them so far. Thanks in advance.



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Suffolk Regiment (Infantry - counties Regiment).
They don't look like WW1 or WW2 pieces. I had a few singles many years ago. First of all, they should be on rough khaki serge sliders, they were embroidered in white for WW1, and WW2 versions have black embroidery. Of course, there were also the denim battledress blouses in WW2, but I haven't seen matching insignia, although much British cloth insignia was printed in WW2.  These were in place of the previous otherwise brass shoulder titles.


Original 1st Kings Dragoon Guards Regiment KDG King's Shoulder Title Badge  JY16 | eBay

Kings Dragoon Guards, WW1 and later

United Kingdom British Uniform Insignia For Sale by mail order (176) -  www.KellyBadges.co.uk

Royal Naval Division, probably WW1 period


WW1 South Stafford Regiment

Formation patches / shoulder patches

Territorial 4th Btn. Norfolk Regiment

BuyWyze | Shop

WW1 Royal Fusiliers

Slip-on Army Cloth Shoulder Titles - www.KellyBadges.co.uk

WW1 Durham Light Infantry


3rd Hussars, 1914-18

Canadian Army Cloth Shoulder Titles, WW2


Please view our shoulder titles from military and emergency services. Most  are British or British Commonwealth or Britis… | Shoulder, Embroidered,  Corpse

Royal Army Medical Corps, 1914-18


Royal Garrison Artillery, 1914-18


Original WW2 Home Guard HG Cloth Slip On Shoulder Title Badge Flash - QW17  | eBay

WW2 Home Guard, rather worn

Cloth Badges

WW2 Royal Welsh Fusiliers

109) Good Matching WW2 Royal Artillery Slip On epaulette Slides - World War  Wonders

WW2 Royal Artillery

WW2 Royal Engineers Slip on Shoulder Title An original World War Two

Royal Engineers, WW2





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