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Just arrived yesterday, took ages with the post...

Luftwaffe, Eichenlaubkranz zum Dolch für Offiziere in  gutem Zustand, Eisen


Grip ring for a 2. pattern Luftwaffe dagger, iron, hard to find, as a replacement for a somewhat corroded piece.

Kaiserliche Marine, Knopf golden 25mm

Kaiserliche Marine, officer uniform button, 25mm, marked "Feuervergoldet"

1.Weltkrieg, Paar Knöpfe für Schulterklappen, Durchmesser je 18mm1.Weltkrieg, Paar Knöpfe für Schulterklappen, Durchmesser je 18mm

Bavaria, a matching (left and right) pair of shoulder buttons, 17mm for the fieldgrey uniform, (hollow backed) tombak bronze, other ranks' issue

Baden, Kokarde für eine Schirmmütze  22mmBayern, Kokarde für eine Schirmmütze  22mm

Other ranks' cap cockades, Baden and Bavaria for the private purchase peaked or peakless cap


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Both, when parts of a uniform are missing, I look for original replacements.

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Various other small parts, mostly from helmets.


Pair gilt rosettes for officer's helmet
Pair Knopf 91/94 for other ranks' helmet, suitable for a Dragoner helmet
2 white metal studs for other ranks' helmet, such as spike base
1 Officer's star for spike base, with washer
2 Studs, iron/grey metal for peak trim, long narrow splints, finish worn. 2 Lederkeile for helmet plate fitting
4 Studs for other ranks' helmet, older type
4 Stars for spike base, officer, probably older copies
Part of a sword belt, chain with brass suspension hook.


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Another spare - a spike base for an infantry Pickelhaube. This example came from an 1889 helmet from Füsilier-Regiment 39, later with Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment 39, still with both regimental stamps. The spike is missing, this was originally soldered on with tin. Either the spike had got lost in time, or it was officially removed, as per the regulation for the Front Line, at the lastest, January 1916. The later greymetal helmets all had a removable spike. I replaced the spike many years ago with an appropriate replacement. This helmet has some war damage, a shot or a piece of shrapnel went through the front, just under the sceptre of the eagle, splitting this, no parts missing, this then went through the leather liner, and has caused slight breakage to the bottom edge at the rear. Damage not visible in the photo below.


Niederrheinisches Füsilier-Regiment 39, later with Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment 39 (VII. Reserve-Korps)

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