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Here is another interesting piece, a WW1 era M1915 Russian Zielensky rifle grenade for use with the Mosin-Nagant M1891 rifle. The rod is 29 inches long, which is the length of the Mosin-Nagant barrel. Like most Russian grenades of the era, the grenade body is not made from cast iron or serrated, but rather made from lightweight materials packed with explosives. This one has a cast aluminum body, with nothing inside such as a frag sleeve. The fuse is an impact type, with a small convex disc, spring loaded on the end, to use, the operator removed the pull ring, which made the fuse live, then it was fired and upon impact the disc would push backwards igniting the charge. The disc is badly corroded and will be going under renovation shortly. The body of the grenade had minor traces of grey paint, so I repainted it to what I believe it looked like. Information on WW1 Russian grenades is pretty scarce as the grenades themselves. 




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Here is another WW1 era Russian Rifle grenade. I am told that it is also a M1915 type, but I do not have much else for now. 




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