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Erkennungsmarken, 1914-1918 - Identity Discs

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Two identity discs, Bavaria, one piece later types from 1916. These have name, date of birth and full home address of the bearer, as well as his Stammrollen-Nr. and his unit. Rear sides are blank.

Anton Heinle, geb. 22.10.1898, Hochwang 21, Post Ichenhausen
2. Ersatz-Abteilung, Bayerisches 1. Feldartillerie-Regiment, 3.Batterie
no personal number!

Michael Mossner, geb. 22.8.1894, Mainheim bei Günzenhausen
1. Ersatz-Bataillon, Bayerisches Infanterie Leib-Regiment*, 2. Kompagnie
Nr. 3433 (1481 has been deleted)

* The Infanterie Leib-Regiment took part in the Battle of Verdun in 1916 (Morte Homme, etc.)

Both presumed "survived".
Rare to find in this condition.



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Erkennungsmarke, old style, the smaller one of a pair, the larger one is missing, 8.Kompagnie / Landsturm-Infanterie-Regiment 84,
No. 552, H. Wandscheider, Hamburg - still on old attachment cord, this without any national colours.
It would appear that a previous inscription has been deleted, service number or unit change. Zink, ca. 1914-1916.

An unusual name, only one person of that name found presently in the region of Parchim, Mecklenburg.

Re-mobilised on 2. August 1914, Landwehr-Infanterie-Regiment 84 drew most of it's personnel from Schleswig-Holstein and also Hamburg, and was under the 34. Landwehr-Brigade, 1. Landwehr-Division, IX. Reserve-Korps, and was mainly on the Eastern Front.
I.   Landwehr-Bataillon Schleswig
II. Landwehr-Bataillon Apenrade




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