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Here is a WW1 era French P2 stick grenade. It used a propeller attached to the fuse to ignite, however these would sometime soft land causing the grenade to not go off. The explosive head was made from stamped and sheet metal soldered together, filled with cheddite. The wood handle had a cloth skirt (replacement)added to help in stabilizing during flight. 





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I found this image online, it closely resembles the P2 grenade, but converted for use in a rifle grenade capacity. The article is Hungarian, and basically says the grenade is fired from the rifle. From what I have read and seen on these, it is not a practical position to be holding the rifle in as most had a lot of recoil, which sometimes could crack the stocks of the rifles. Several nations had grenades that could both be hand used or fired from rifles. 


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Here is another interesting conversion, the French/Italian P2/Thevenot model converted for rifle grenade use. 

Image source, internet.


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