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Rare Warbirds at Duxford England

Achtung Spitfire!

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Following many years of restoration and sourcing of parts from all over the the world this immaculate Fiat CR42 Falco with its awesome camouflage resides at Duxford England and is soon to be a flyer. Also coming along nicely in the restoration hanger is this Beaufighter that will one day take to the skies once again. With her awesome array of 6 cannon 8 machine guns & rockets it must have packed one hell of a punch as a ground attack anti shipping weapons platform. The only Flying Fortress flyer in Europe now following the retirement of B17F Pink Lady is Sally B (wearing Memphis Bell nose art on the starboard side) a B17G looking good in her olive drab. My favourite US WW2 aircraft type often referred to as the box the B17 came in is this beautiful B24, an M model I believe. She is static, one of 2 in the UK/Europe apart from relic status airframes. Look at those lines ! Finally and apologies for the poor photograph but those airframes are squeezed in tight. B29 Superfortress Hawg Wild. This aircraft was 'rescued' from the China Lake gunnery range in the States and flown to the UK. The only B29 in Europe. Technically a flyer but is on static display in the American Air museum hanger along with the B24 and another B17G to name a few.

Taken last year at the Flying Legends weekend.






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I always liked that museum, I used to live about an hour away when I lived in the UK. I also liked the armored vehicle addition they added as well.

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