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Here is another WW1 era Russian grenade, the Lishkin stick grenade. These got their start during the Russo-Japanese conflict and influenced the British No. 1 Mk 1 grenade. The grenade below has a replacement wood handle, which was long to allow for stabilization while throwing spear like. The end of the wood handle sometimes had streamers to help control the throw as it was thrown head first. This model has a protective cap which goes over the head, and secures to the fragmentation ring. It is made of sheet metal and is soldered together. The grenade head had another cap which held a striker pin, the user would turn the head along grooves until you came to a blocked link, the user would press down hard to break this link, activating the grenade. This one is virtually all complete, minus the interior parts. Really hard to find with the cap as well. 







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