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Wehrmacht Field Cap M.42


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Wehrmacht, Feldmütze M.42
This was introduced in early 1942 as a more protective item of headgear in the field, especially in winter conditions. It bears a similarity with the old Austrian Feldkappe without a peak. This had been previously worn by the newly formed regiments in former Austria after 13. March 1938, when the old Austrian Bundesheer was incorporated into the greater Wehrmacht. These were then worn for a transition period along with the previous uniforms until new uniforms were issued, the new insignia was added. Some of the mountain troop units retained their original headdress for longer, as can be seen in early wartime photos, the earlier bronze buttons being conspicuous.
The cap featured two small buttons to the front, these made of iron.  The side flaps could be pulled down for more protection in winter conditions.
For this type of headdress, the traditional T-form insignia was used, as seen only on the caps of the Gebirgsjäger, these examples in light grey on a greygreen background. However, all previous types of headdress were still in use till the end of the war.
With this example the cloth is of early war good quality , but has been postwar refitted with original insignia, correctly hand-stitched.  Most examples found were originally machine-stitched.

N.B.: These caps are now available as reproductions without insignia!

More photos at a later stage
(example internet photos)





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Difficult to get a sensible close-up of this item:





Stamped E.43 and RB-Nr.


Some age fraying to emblem


Emblem detail with age / storage damage


Buttons are of galvanised iron, slight rust spots. Emblem ist zig-zag machine-stitched



Right side ventilation grommet missing

Bears a resemblance to the Austrian field cap


Example of the Austrian Feldkappe



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Improved photos added



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