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WWI German Officer/Soldier Pocket Watch


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Does anyone have any information on WWI German pocket watches such as this one.  This watch was purchased in Munich in the 1990s and it is still working.1549022620_IMG_20200625_004917062_HDR5102.jpg.5c6f31cbed580e3901409bffaabd032f.jpg905299315_IMG_20200625_004933824_HDR5104.jpg.7e7d6155a43057e640c307fc7380021c.jpg1546903260_IMG_20200625_005108534_HDR5106.jpg.30ace6d7af597557383edea0686c5174.jpg843769281_IMG_20200625_005142560_HDR5103.jpg.2185fb4731ca2778de38f4a7ecc8d99d.jpg1566659795_IMG_20200625_0056238655101.jpg.27d4b86b08a3c720c6481fd657e46f68.jpg265390025_IMG_20200625_005203423_HDR5105.jpg.c01e76bad15d179a5d1310353420e77b.jpg

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Hi Ian welcome to the forum, your watch is made by Cyma a Swiss manufacturer of luxury wristwatches, founded in 1862 and still going today. There are lots of these watches mostly WW2 period which have fake insignia added to increase the value but this one looks like it might be OK. If you can find a serial number on it I believe it is possible to date it although I don't have the list at the moment. Fritz will be able to tell you more about it's history as this is more his period.

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I haven't seen an example like this before, but I assume it is original. Probably produced after outbreak of war in 1914, with the portraits of Kaiser Wilhelm II. and Kaiser Franz Joseph of Austria-Hungary, portraits very worn down. I would not recommend this for daily use, as the portraits will not improve in time.

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