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1918 Shinkle Grenade

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Here is a Shinkle Grenade, developed by Major Edward Marsh Shinkle of the United States Army, Frankford Arsenal, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. These were initially developed before the pineapple shaped MK1 grenades and came with an impact fuse, however the US Army changed its mind after seeing how ineffective impact fuses were in the damp and muddy trench environment, so work was started to make these with a delayed fuse, in the meantime the MK1 was put into production. However the Army changed its mind again, and work began on the first type which resulted in around 800 being made before the war ended. These are really hard to find, especially all compete like my example, and they are getting ridiculously expensive. 




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I have no American WW1 grenades. Nothing about over here or at least I haven't seen them. That is a beauty. Not dissimilar to a small Schwere but very well made unlike the small Schweres that were very rough cast.

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