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Luftwaffe Postcards and Photos

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Oberstleutnant Walter Oesau, a popular Hoffmann photo as a postcard, unwritten.



Small photo of an unidentified pilot - Flugzeugführer, Uli (Ulrich) born 12.5.1919, failed to return from a mission on 14.10.1941, on Velox photopaper.


Dornier Do 215 medium bomber, postcard by Film-Foto-Verlag, Berlin SW68 No. R.194. This aircraft was only produced in small numbers and was also exported to various countries.


Heinkel He 111 - Unsere Wehrmacht - Das Flugzeug wird zur Tankstelle geleitet. Kunstverlag Schwerdtfeger, Berlin. Photo: Riebicke


Unsere Wehrmacht - He 111 - Startbereit. Schwerdtfeger, Berlin. Photo: Heinke


Unsere Wehrmacht - Blick in den Funkraum einer BV 138. Schwerdtfeger, Berlin. Photo: A. Schulze






Photo series of a funeral for Luftwaffe personnel, probably Flak, one photo is dated 14.3.1943. No further description


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A Luftwaffe group photo, undated, no caption, possibly a school or a squadron photo


A presumably early photo of soldiers of the Luftwaffe. These were possibly from a Luftwaffe School.
Unfortunately no further information on this group, apart from the studio name and address stamped into the right bottom corner:
M. Seidig
The Junkers aircraft works were in Dessau. The photo is probably before October 1940, as they are not wearing a breast eagle on the blouse, many of them seem to be Flak soldiers (darker collar patches, possibly red).


A painting of an unidentified Oberstleutnant presently at an Auction. Stated as ca. 1942, with unknown artist's signature. He could be possibly identified by the decoratons worn:
Iron Cross 1. and 2. Class 1914, Oldenburg 1. and 2. Class, Saxony, Albrechtsorden with Swords, Württemberg, Friedrichs Orden, Bulgaria, etc.
The officer is probably from Saxony, as the first decoration behind the Iron Cross is the Albrechts Orden, the others following.
I would hazard a guess that this was possibly the (later) Generalmajor Dietrich Volkmann, from March 1942, Kommandeur of Luftkriegsschule 7 in Tulln-Langenlebarn.

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