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I got this interesting Brodie for a steal. I believe it might have been field repainted but I cannot tell. The liner is not as good as my other Brodie but it is still in one piece. One side of the liner system is detached and I’m trying to see if I can reattach it. It has a nice bend in the brim. The seam looks a little weird but that may be because it’s from a different maker than my other helmet. It has what appears to be a name on the inner rim but I cannot confirm it. Does it look like a repaint and is there anything I can do about the liner. Also does the name mean anything?













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Nice helmet Tony, it is a US M1917, the heat stamp has the "ZA" and lot number 183. Looks like one of the bails had been repaired as the rivet looks much larger and different that the standard type, however this was not uncommon in field usage. The name might have been the wearers and it looks like possibly a unit ID, but it's hard to make out. To repair the liner strap you would have to drill out the rivet in the dome, then make a hole in the leather strap, then use a new rivet and crimp it together. I have done this many times, to refurbish a helmet completely, however you will be messing with the history of the helmet and lower its value. The shell does not look repainted, it has a lot of stains. I would recommend you leave it as is. I would also suggest you ball up some news paper to go inside the liner to support it, and place inside a plastic bag/container, as the wool pad will attract moths. 

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