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High Quality WW1 Photos - Allies


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4. Mariupolskiego Pułku Huzarów - officers of 4th Mariupolsk Regiment of Hussars, July 1916, with officer and Junker list


Rank explanations:
Rjadowoi - Soldat
Jefreitor - Gefreiter
Mladschi Unteroffizier - Unteroffizier
Starschi Unteroffizier - Stabsunteroffizier
Feldwebel -
Porpraporschtschik - Unterfähnrich
Saurjad-Praporschtschik - Fähnrich/Stellvertreter
Kornett - Ensign/Fähnrich
Podpurutschik - Unterleutnant
Porutschik - Leutnant
Nadporutschik - Oberleutnant
Rotmistr - Rittmeister/Hauptmann*
Stab.Rotmistr - *
Kapitan - Hauptmann
Maior - Major (abolished 1884)
Podpolkovnik - Oberstleutnant
Polkovnik - Oberst
Gen. Maior - Generalmajor
Protoierei  - Priest
Doktor - Arzt, Doctor

* Cavalry designation for Hauptmann

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US Female Telephone switchboard Operators, known as "Hello Girls".  Note the Gas masks and helmets on the rear of their chairs. 


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Early war photo of French Dragoons and Chasseurs. Most Calvary units were converted to Machine Guns units during the war, however the military still had a love for the Calvary and some units were in service till war's end. 


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In this often published photo, allied troops are guarding German prisoners after the capture of Bellicourt in 1918. Mark V tanks with cribs can be seen in the background. Over half the books I have seen this image in say the allied troops are Australians, however by examining their equipment, they are clearly US troops, however they have SMLE rifles. Most likely the troops are part of the US 30th Division.


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US soldiers riding Indian PowerPlus Motorcycles (which were produced from 1916-1924), most likely before the Us entered the war. The soldiers have the M1903 Springfield rifles and the early type leggings. Indian, along with Harley-Davidson supplied the military with motorcycles and side cars, however most did not make it overseas. Some did and were used as dispatch riders, mobile machine gun platforms, ambulances and even for homing pigeon lofts. These motorcycles have the US Signal Corps emblem on them. 


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Image of WW1 era US Signal Corps men with various cameras and accessories. 


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