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Infanterie-Regiment 90 Wehrpaß Estate

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Gefreiter Herbert Rakowksi, Infanterie-Regiment 90 (Wentorf). A short life which began with the Reichsarbeitsdienst in 1938.
He went through the Polish campaign in 1939, and through the Battle of France. He fell on the same day as the City of Paris, 18. June 1940.
Included is the completed Wehrpaß and correspondence from his Regiment sent to his parents in Hamburg, Marschnerstraße. A map sketch of the position of his grave is also included. The papers are in very fine condition and were kept in memory of the son. This group was obtained in early 1989 from Detlev Niemann.


A condolence letter from the acting company commander Oberleutnant Zorn to the parents


Übersendungsschreiben to the parents concerning return of papers as a keepsake, informing that these will be valid for pension claims for the parents and their heirs.


Letter - Umbettungsbescheid - of 5. August 1942 from the Wehrmachtsauskunftstelle (WASt.) Berlin to the parents, informating that the gravesite had to be shifted to a safer place, and that he had been buried in an individual coffin. A gravemarker was errected, the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht is responsable for the upkeep of the grave... Signed: Peters




Letter concerning details of the gravesite with enclosed map sketch. A photo of the grave was also included, this was not amongst the papers.


Remisement: Sketched map of gravesite opposite airfield on southern exit of St.-Sauveur, direction Vesul

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Wehrpaß of Herbert Rakowski, 2nd type with "spreadeagle", The R for sorting purposes on the right hand corner, to the bottom is stamped HEER


Musterung, 25. Juni 1937, Signature: Oberstleutnant


Particulars of Herbert Rakowski, born in Varrelgraben (Oldenburg), 31.8.1917,
religion: ev. luth. (evangelisch lutherisch),
profession: Messenger
Details of parents:
Franz Rakowski, Oberbootsmannsmaat
Wilhelmina, geb. Segerdiek


Further personal details:
Füherschein, Klasse 1, 2, 3
S.A. Sportabzeichen
Adress of Parents: Franz Rakowski, Hamburg 22, Marschnerstraße 38
Musterung: Dienstpflichtig - Ersatzreservist / Signatures (Dr.)


RAD Abtelung 10/28 Wehrbezirk Aachen - Zuteilung II./ Inf.-Regt.90 (motorisiert), Hamburg-Harburg


Details of R.A.D. service and dismissal


Active military service - detailed to 6./I.R.90 Wentorf, verdict = "tauglich", sworn in, 22.11.1938


Assignment details, ending on 18.6.1940. Signed: Zorn, Oberleutnant and Kompanieführer


Campaign details:
1.9.1939 - Gefecht bei Konitz
11.9.1939 - Gefecht bei Zambow - these details stroked out.
1.-5.9.1939 - Schlacht in Westpreußen 6./90
1.-2.9.1939 -a) Kampf um die Bahn (?)
2.-5.9.1939 - b) Gefecht in der Tücheler Heide
5.-13.9.1939 -2. Kampf um die Narew Übergänge
8.-10.9.1939 - a) Durchbruch durch die Befestigungen ostwärts Wizna
11.-21.9.1939 - 3. Verfolgung in Ostpolen
11.-13.9.1939 - Gefechte  südlich Zambrow

Details of wounds, illness during campaigns:
18.6.1940 - Gefallen - 6./ Inf.-Regt.90 bei St.-Sauveur
Beerdigt, Südostausgang Sauveur
f.d.R. (für die Richtigkeit)


An- und Abmeldungen, Wehrmeldeamt Hamburg 4,  1938, II.Btl./Inf.-Regt.90

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