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Luftwaffe Navigation Instrument

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A Luftwaffe navigation instrument as always part of the personal items taken on board, mostly larger aircraft with more than the pilot. This, officially known as a Dreieckrechner for calculating various aspects of navigation, position, altitude, speed and wind. It is two sided. It was first patented by C.E.Plath (Nautical Instruments) of Hamburg-Altona in 1936 and produced by Dennert & Pape of Hamburg-Altona, both firms are, as far as I know still in existence. This item was first introduced as  "Baumuster Plath DR2" in 1936 with the designation Fl.23825, which was a special number for Luftwaffe equipment, so that orders for replacements were made using these LW Codes. Also still known as a "Knemeyer" after its original designer.

This particular example was produced in August 1941. It has suffered a bit from postwar bad storage, but still fully functional for those who are familiar with it. This is the basis of modern instruments as still produced by these companies and in use today in modern aviation, with the designation "Aristo". Further models were produced in 1942/3 as DR3 and DR4 as from 1944, in use till the end of the war. A special variation in slightly luminous yellow for night flights was also later produced.

A copy of an original instruction leaflet shows and explains the various parts of the instrument and its functions.

Not sure which member of the crew had the function of navigating. Either the Observer, Bordmechanik or Bordfunker. I remember Ms. Neusüß explaining to me that Walter Neusüß as Bordfunker also was sometimes involved with "Navigation".

(transferred from equipment section)





Fl 23825.jpg


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Another important item was the Kursdreieck for calculating the navigation course, this always accompanied the previous instrument and was issued to all navigators.
This example by Dennert & Pape, Altona, April 1941, another by Gebrüder Wichmann (internet photo examples)


Bildergebnis für luftwaffe kursdreieck



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