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Commander Edward Bingham


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At Bangor Castle, Ward Park, Bangor, Co. Down is the deck gun of the U-19, which was apparently captured by Commander Edward Bingham (1881-1939). His decorations are kept at Bangor Castle's historic museum, however, only copies (?)  are on display, due to an attempted theft some years back. Bingham was awarded the VC and also the Order of St. Stanislaus 2nd Class with Swords by the Tsar in recognition of his part in the Battle of Jutland. Bingham also captured the U-9, and it's deck gun was later mounted in Bangor Castle Park in recognition of his services by the Admiralty. He also spent some time in a prisoner of war camp in Germany.

Further information can be found under:




Medals of Comander Bingham, including the VC the Order of St. Stanislaus, 2.class with swords


The deck gun of the U-9 stands in the park in Bangor / Co. Down

Ist möglicherweise ein Bild von 1 Person, steht und außen

Ward Park, Bangor, photo from 1972

File:U-19 gun Ward Park Bangor inscription geograph.org.uk 405831  25c696df-by-Aubrey-Dale.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

WWI U19 88mm Gun in Ward Park, Bangor, Co. Down, N. Irelan… | Flickr


Bangor Castle facing the seafront


The rear side of Bangor Castle

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That is ashame that they had to put copies on display due to the threat of theft.

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They are stated to be copies, in the photo, they look like the originals. When I saw them in the museum about 30 years ago, they were originals.

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