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Kriegsmarine Service Cap , U-Boot

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A standard Kriegsmarine other ranks and n.c.o. service cap (so-called Donald Duck Cap)

with a cap tally of Unterseebootsflottille Saltzwedel, later re-named 2.Unterseebootsflottille 2. These cap tallies with unit or ships names were worn until outbreak of war in September 1939, and were replaced by the simple Kriegsmarine tally, however, some were worn after that date, especially by units which were at the time at sea, typical example, the Graf Spee.

This particular example came from the estate of Oberbootsmannsmaat Wieland, who served with this unit. With this were several other items, some bearing the name and service number (Stammrollennummer). This example I got from a Hamburg dealer, but unfortunately, I didn't take the time to examine the remaining articles. However, looking at the internet photos of these, I have made out the details as:

N 1842 S

The cap is fairly well worn, the eagle is an original replacement, as the previous piece had it's swastika filed down and had also lost it's pin. The rear of the leather sweatband has two metal initial tags attached, which is not clear in the photo: St. W. - so his first name could have been something like Stefan (?) The cap tally is machine-embroidered in gold thread, which has remained bright. Unfortunately have not been able to find any details of his service record. Certainly worth researching.

The first photo is a rank badge, which he would have worn as Oberbootsmannsmaat, the metal version for wearing with the parade jacket etc. This consists of an "unklarer Anker"* with a chevron below, and is mint, unworn condition. (*meaning an anchor with tow-rope)

The unit was raised on 1st September 1936 in Kiel, but shortly afterwards transferred to Wilhelmshaven. It was named after a WW1 U-Boot commander, Reinhold Saltzwedel, who was lost at sea.

The unit was transferred in Autumn 1940 to the Atlantic Coast, at Lorient, and operated from there until August 1944, being then transferred to Norway, where it remained till the end of the war.

Die 2. Unterseebootsflottille, auch als U-Bootsflottille „Saltzwedel“ bekannt, wurde am 1. September 1936 in Kiel unter dem Kommando von Fregattenkapitän Werner Scheer gebildet und war nach Oberleutnant zur See Reinhold Saltzwedel, einem U-Boot-Kommandanten des Ersten Weltkriegs, benannt. Die Flottille wurde nach wenigen Wochen nach Wilhelmshaven verlegt. Im Herbst 1940 wurde mit der Verlegung der Flottille nach Lorient begonnen. Von da an bis zur Auflösung der Flottille im August 1944, als die Basis in Lorient aufgegeben werden musste, blieb sie dort stationiert. Die verbliebenen Boote wurden anschließend nach Norwegen verlegt.






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