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Royal Flying Corps

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Some original RFC - Royal Flying Corps items: (transferred from previous section)

2 other ranks' cap badges, one well worn, the other still with all detail
A pair of shoulder flashes, white on black
A further badge, unknown, gold bullion on dark blue, propellor over "O",  possibly RFC or RNAS (?) does anyone have any info on this?
A pilots wings, beige embroidery on khaki cloth

Three contemporary postcards
Leefe Robinson shot down Zeppelin LZ 11 over Cuffley, Potters Bar, Herts. on 3rd September 1916, here depicted
A portrait of an unknown RFC man
A group photo of RFC men, handwritten in pencil, very faint, hardly legible short message dated 22/6/18

The RFC, still wearing the khaki uniforms of a special cut, were redisignated Royal Air Force on 1st April 1918.

Further item: Wing for Observer, Royal Flying Corps. Unused, early quality unpadded, to the rear light brown weave. The observer wing was worn till about 1940/41




Notes by Leon21:
Two bladed propeller indicates a Leading Aircraftsman / 1st class mechanic
After further research ,
It is referred to as  a twin bladed airscrew over the letter O which is the trade patch of a Naval Petty Officer Air Mechanic
the letter O is for Ordnance. A highly skilled Petty Officer would have been through technical courses in gunnery and torpedo
schools, it is most likely Air Fleet Arm formed in 1924 which became a separate branch from the R.A.F and controlled by
the Navy.

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