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kenny andrew

Operation Bodysnatch 1945

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Burg Hohenzollern, Evangelische Kapelle. To the left, the bronze sarcophag of Friedrich Wilhelm I., to the right that
of Friedrich II. This was the last resting place till 1991, when they were moved to Potsdam.  Friedrich Wilhelm I. is now
in the Friedenskirche, Friedrich II. is in a vault in the gardens of Sans Souci. The photo is as at my last visit in 1987.




The original place of rest behind the altar of the Garnisonkirche in Potsdam, moved in 1943.


Garnisonkirche Potsdam. Damaged by the air raids of February 1945, demolished on the orders of Walter Ulbricht, 1968


A recent photo of the site. Previously the Rechenzentrum der DDR stood here until also demolished a few years ago.


The last resting place of Friedrich II. since 1991 in the vault beneath the terraces of Sans Souci, as he originally designated. His will was not carried out and his coffin stod next to that of his father in the vault of the Garnisonkirche till 1943. In the background the graves of his favourite dogs (type: greyhound/whippet)

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