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Old Auction Catalogues


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Interesting refefence material is found in old and back number auction catalogues. I used to have a great many from some of the most renowned auctioniers, mostly Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, etc. This can also be expensive material, which takes up a lot of space. In the past, I used to keep just a very few and sold them off then in lots for a very cheap rate. Later most dealers did not want to pay for them, so I ended up giving many away for free.

The Hanseatisches Auktionshaus Für Historica  started up in Hamburg in Summer 1986 and changed management a few times and finally moved to Bad Oldesloe, about 40 km east of Hamburg. Unfortunately it later closed about 10 years ago.



"Kriegsministerielle Muster" This particular auction was exceptional - one of a few in a lifetime - a great abundancy of original fieldgrey uniforms from an old collection - the catalogue was absolutely packed with good original items from all periods. These fieldgrey uniforms shown here were all Kriegsministerium official Muster for the production of these uniform types, and most had the original Kriegsministerium label with handwriting and wax seal on them. Most of these were "unwearable" as the left side and right side had differences and variations as information for the manufacturers for  further production of these uniform types.


A bronze bust as an example of Third Reich art, showing the ideal and perfect human features.
The face has a great similarity with Jochen Peiper, by coincidence.


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