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Franz Bäke Panzer Ace

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Major der Reserve (last rank Generalmajor) Dr. med. dent. Franz Bäke (28 February 1898 - 12 December 1978), Kommandeur II.Abteilung / Panzer-Regiment 11 / 6.Panzer-Division. This very gallant and distinguished officer, photographed here in 1943, wears the black, pink-piped field uniform of the tank arm; the Knight's Cross with Oakleaves is worn at the throat - he was later awarded the Swords. On the left breast are the Iron Cross 1st Class; the Gold Wound Badge, signifying at least five wounds in action; and the Tank Battle Badge. In his buttonhole ar the Winter 1941-42 Medal ribbon and the ribbon of the 1914-18 Iron Cross 2nd Class bearing the silver eagle 'bar' for a subsequent Second World War award. Most striking of all, on his right sleeve are no less than three awards of the Tank Destruction Badge, for single-handed destruction of enemy AFVs with hand-held weapons at the Battle of Kursk. During World War II, Bäke participated in over 400 tank combat missions, 13 of which resulted in the destruction of his tank. He was wounded seven times in combat.


Franz Bäke dentist soldier general officer german wehrmacht black panzertruppen tank badge.jpg

Franz Bäke in a Panzer IV turret.jpg

Generalmajor Franz Bäke.jpg

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Not bad for a Reserve Officer! In the first photo he has the rank of Oberstleutnant.

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