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SMS "Wolf" - The Kaiser's Pirates

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The amazing story of SMS Wolf and Fregattenkapitän Nerger (later Kapitän), at sea for almost the entire duration of the war until it finally returned to Kiel in February 1918. SMS "Wolf" was originally a freighter of the Bremer DDG Hansa Line, and it was converted to a Hilfskreuzer with concealed heavy armament but without any amour.  The main objective was the laying of mines throughout the sea lanes worldwide in the remotest parts of the British Empire. An impossible mission which however succeeded. It was believed by the admiralty that the ship was long lost. It sank no less than 30 merchant ships, at the same time taking all their coal and reserves on board in order to continue. When the ship returned it had a crew of 350 men and over 400 civil and military prisoners and internees on board. Despite the hardships, the "guests" were very well treated. However, Nerger was very strict towards his officers and men. For his actions Neger was decorated with the Pour le Mérite, the crew with the Iron Cross.


Hilfskreuzer SMS "Wolf" ex "Wachtfels"


Fregattenkapitän Karl August Nerger





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"Seeteufel" - Felix Graf Luckner

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Felix Graf Luckner
*Dresden, 9. Juni 1881 - Malmö, 13. April 1966+

Felix Graf von Luckner – Wikipedia

After 1918

Felix Graf von Luckner – Wikipedia

A signatur portrait

Ansichtskarte / Postkarte Felix Graf von Luckner, | akpool.de

akg-images -

Felix Graf von Luckner – Wikipedia

Der Weltreisende Felix Graf von Luckner“ – ein filmisches Portrait -  hallelife.de - Nachrichten aus Halle an der Saale und der Region

A private photo as a postcard

Datei:Bundesarchiv Bild 102-10401, Graf Luckner und Kapitän Ziegenbein.jpg  – Wikipedia

Felix Graf Luckner: „Seeteufel“ und ein Retter der Stadt | MZ.de

Graf Luckner negotiated the surrender of Halle a.d. /Saale and saved the city from destruction, 17.4.1945

Wismar : Vor der Kamera mit Graf Luckner | svz.de

Graf Luckner was renowned for his ability to tear up a thick telephone directory with his bare hands

Felix Graf von Luckner | Felix Graf von Luckner Gesellschaft e.V.

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