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Deed of Abdication, November 1918

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The deed of Abdication of Kaiser Wilhelm II. at the end of November 1918.
On the 9. November on the advice of Hindenburg and Ludendorff, he had left
the headquarters in Spa with his personal train in the direction of the Netherlands
border at Amerongen.
Unknown where this important state document is held today. It is still the basis of the
present polical state in the centre of Europe. The question of the monarchy in central
Europe has never been resolved to this day.

      I herewith renounce for all Future the Rights to the Crown of Prussia, and the
joint rights to the German Imperial Crown.
      At the same time, I release all Dignitaries, Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers
and Other Ranks of the Navy, the Prussian Army, and all Troops of the Federal Contingents
of their Oath of Allegiance, which they swore to me as Kaiser, King and Highest Commander.
I expect All, until a new order of the German Empire is resolved, to aid the Accomplished Holders
of Power in Germany, to protect the German People against the threatening Dangers of Anarchy,
Famine and Foreign Domination.
      Documented under Our Own Highest Signature and impressed with Our Own Imperial Seal.
       Given at Amerongen, the 28th November 1918

                                                   W i l h e l m




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I bet he was not happy writing that, hopefully he had some good schnapps to help.

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No way, he hesitated till the end of November, first he agreed to abdicate as Emperor Germany, but was unwilling to abdicate as King of Prussia. However, the Throne was still open to his heirs, Crown Prince Wilhelm, and his heirs. The family has to this day never relenquished the rights to the Throne. However, WW2 changed many things, and the House of Hohenzollern lost all it's lands in the East, including Königsberg and East Prussia, which were the Jewels in the Crown.
The present heir is Prinz Georg Friedrich. He recently lost a court case against the Federal Republic of Germany for the return reposession of former rights and for the return of works of art and estates worth millions.


The new Crown of 1889


The Crown jewels of 1701


Georg Friedrich Prinz von Preußen, present heir to the Throne

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