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Kriegsmarine Dress Tunic


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Got this nice Kriegsmarine dress tunic some time ago from a source in England, probably paid a bit much, as these tunics are still fairly abundant, mostly without insignia, but this came complete with original insignia and the blue collar for wear on the shirt (Marinehemd). It has the rank of Obergefreiter (sen.corporal), and a yellow starfish (Seestern) as a trade badge, which means general nautical branch. There is also a rangefinder (Entfernungsmesser/Seeziele) training badge in red below the chevrons. The front is fastened as always with two anchor buttons joined by a gilt chain. The cuffs have the brandenbourg type patches with a vertical row of 5 buttons to each cuff. The front is set with a double row of nine buttons, with an additonal button under each lapel. Breast eagle is of officer quality, as always on these dress jackets and is a very good quality make in Cellon or cellulose. Attached is a small ribbon bar of the Iron Cross 2nd class. There are two vertical loops for a war badge, unfortunately missing. I didnt manage to get the nice cap illustrated, as the dealer sold it separately before I made the order. Did however manage to get another good cap of identical type but with a different tally.
Unfortunately, the makers and the wearers details in the tunic had been removed at some time, but there is still a part of the red hand embroidered enlistment number (Stammrolle) of the wearer, which begins with an N and ends with a T. The N stands for Nordsee / North Sea, which would have been Wilhelmshaven (O would mean Ostsee/Baltic and Port of Kiel), and the T stands for Torpedowaffe. The tunic would have been made around as early as 1934, as the 34 is part of the enlistment number. It would have then been upgraded from Reichmarine to Kriegsmarine around 1935 by adding a breast eagle and the new insignia. Dress tunics were only produced till about mid 1942, due to material prioriities and shortages midwar. The garment shown was certainly a tailored, made to measure piece.



The set as originally offered by a dealer in England, unfortunately, he sold the cap separately




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Very nice! 

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