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WW1 Era USMC Uniform


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Here is a WW1 Era USMC Tunic and trouser set. This particular tunic is the model 1917 pattern which differed from the previous pattern, the model 1912 in that is added two pockets at the bottom of the tunic, whereas the M1912 only had breast pockets. The color of these tunics could vary but the official color was forrest green. The tunic here is a nice rich shade of green, the trousers are more the common color seen for these uniforms. These tunics also had a pointed shape cuff with USMC buttons and were generally stamped (not always) inside the liner with sizing information.

Towards the end of 1918, new regulations came down authorizing the wear of the USMC enlisted collar disks, which this uniform has, and the collar has holes prefabricated for their use. Wartime enlisted tunics did not wear collar disks, however strangely enough, a vast majority of USMC troops wore US Army issued tunics with USMC patches and insignia. This was mainly to ease supply issues and there was a concern that the green colored uniforms (Compare the trousers below) could be mistaken for the Feld-Grau of the German uniforms. 














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In addition to having a distinct uniform, the Marines also had their own version of the peaked "Montana" style felt wool hat. The USMC version campaign hat was more brown in color, and had 2 rows of stitching along the brim and was naturally fitted with a USMC emblem. Like the US Army versions, these were replaced with side caps upon arrival in France. 





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