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Goliath Track


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Here is a track/link for a Leichter Ladungsträger Goliath (Goliath Light Charge Carrier), which was a remotely operated unmanned vehicle, mainly used by panzer and engineer troops. Interestingly enough these vehicles originated in WW1 where the French had developed two versions deployed in 1916, however they were overshadowed by the manned tanks. These small tracked vehicles were a little too big to be man portable and most did not succeed in their intended mission as most were captured by allied forces. 7,564 of these units were produced and contained a 60 kg explosive charge. 

This track came from Russia, in the area of Stalingrad, at least that's what I am told anyway. 






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A large cache of captured Goliath's that fell into allied hands after the war.


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Interesting relic you have there. Not a million miles away to the modern day bomb disposal tracked vehicles in use today. 

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