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Field Grey Headdress, 1907-1918


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A 1915 Infantry officer peaked fieldcap. Lacquered peak and visor strap. Mid to late war manufacture, a damast silk material has been used to make the lining. Peak is deep red inside, as also fixing ribbon to leather sweatband. Some smaller holes, silk crown lining is somewhat shot, some rust stains to outer crown.




A 1915 pattern Feldmütze mit Schirm for NCOs with Hessian cockade. Fine doeskin material, with peak and strap. No internal marks.




A textbook example of a 1907/15 fieldcap, Feldmütze or Krätzchen for Garde-Infanterie. 1916 dated, still of good pre-war quality.
Maker's inkstamp: Thomsen and size 58 1/2 and K.B.A.G 1916, a further stamp: 3.K. F.B.  Cockades were always stitched vertically, and not horizontally on original headdress!
Almost mint straight from storage, purchased by my father for 4 pounds in March 1970.




A well worn field cap, 1916 undated, with stamp B.J.A.III, Co.11 and size stamp 52, some further illegible stamps. B.J.A. is Bekleidungs- Instandsetzungs-Amt - here clothing was either repaired or made from scratch as required. The 3. Army Corps was for the province of Brandenburg, but was issued in Berlin. One small hole to middle of crown, some age discolouring of lining, otherwise very good condition.



A well worn 1916 infantry field cap stamped B.A.VI., 1916, this being the Silesian army corps (Breslau), which normally had the Prussian cockade. Cockade is of Schwarzburg-Sondershausen, which does not co-incide with the stamp. This was typical of troop movements of regiments and units or personnel being moved to other army corps. The Cockade is original period stitched, with a strip of white underlaying cloth as always.





A perfect example of a 1915 infantry field cap with it's original issued "Tarnstreifen" or covering band. This of ribbed, grey woven cotton material fastened at the rear by a sliding buckle and with a buttonhole fitting concealing the cockade on the band. Issue stamp B.A.XV. (Metz / Lothringen), dated 1916 and with size stamp 56 and maker's mark: A.Grieshaber. Almost mint, slight corrosion to grey-coated sliding buckle. Certainly unworn. This was one of the first steps in rendering the 1915 uniform less conspicuous in the field. The covering band could be easily removed when required. Apparently straight from storage into an auction, purchased many years ago.





A textbook example of the 1917 universal pattern fieldcap. Almost mint, possibly unissued, with a later Belgian red ink stamp of a Theater costume company from "Anvers", Antwerpen. Liner stamped with B.A.XI undated, and a maker's ink stamp "Schleiz"  Gr. 54.
Schleiz is a small town in Thüringen. State cockade was plain black, unpainted, as if unissued, or otherwise the paintwork has chipped off in storage through time. As originally folded. Almost mint with just one tiny pinhole. Purchased in Portobello Road in 1966 for just
1 pound and 10 shillings. Many years ago I restored the  white ring on the state cockade, assuming it was Prussian issue.
Remaining stocks of these caps were worn by the Reichswehr with only one cockade, and by the police for exercise dress without cockades till at least the end of the 1920s. A version of this with a soft cloth peak was also produced postwar.




A formal dress peaked cap for an officer of the Prussian Artillery, etc., ca. 1915. Black velvet band and red piped. Peak inner and sweatband in regulation grey as from September 1915. Handwritten name: Tode. Silk crown liner slightly shot. Reichskokarde was missing (removed after 9. November 1918), since replaced.



Artillery field cap marked to B.A.XIV 1915, Baden, but with Prussian cockade




A well worn field cap of the Bavarian Artillery. Stamp of B.J.A. Augsburg (Bekleidungs-Instandsetzungs-Amt), some further washed out stamps ga and F.B., rest illegible. Some Ersatzmaterial has been used to complete the liner. Bavarian and Reichskokarde to front., ca. 1915. Reichskokarde was missing (removed after 9. November 1918), now with original correct replacement.



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Very nice headgear! You don't see this stuff very much anymore.

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