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1848 - 1849

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In the turbulent years of 1848/49 revolutions and uprisings occurred all over Europe. At the same time the Deutscher Bund sent troops to Schleswig-Holstein to help against Denmark. The operation was unsuccessful, Schleswig-Holstein remaining under Danish rule.




Dispersal of a demonstration outside the Royal Palace in Berlin by the Cavalry, March 1848.


Berlin, Alexanderplatz, March 1848, uprising and barricades in the streets.


"Die Märzgefallenen", 1848. After the fighting ended, king Friedrich Wilhelm IV. was compelled to pay tribute to the "citizens" shot by his troops in Berlin. The revolutionary colours  black-red-gold were hoisted over most central European cities, but were again withdrawn in 1852. These same colours were again introduced as the colours of the Weimar Republic in 1919.


The Frankfurt "Parliament" in the Paulskirche in Frankfurt, 1848. A "Kaiserdeputation"  from the parliament was sent to Berlin to offer an "Imperial Crown" to the King of Prussia. Friedrich Wilhelm relenquished and refused to meet the deputation.


Friedrich Wilhelm IV., 1840-1860, an early daguerrotype photo.



"Gegen Demokraten helfen nur Soldaten..."  A charicature of Friedrich Wilhelm IV. with an "Imperial Crown" ca. 1848


Revolution in Baden, 1848/9. Many of the regiments of the army of Baden mutinied and joined the rebels. Foreign troops from Bavaria, Württemberg, Prussia were called in to deal with the situation.  Dossenbach, 27.April 1848 troops of the 6th Württemberg Infantry Regiment fight against Freischärler under Georg Herwegh. The leading figures of the revolutionary movement in Baden were the demagogue politicians Friedrich Hecker and Gustav Struve.


3.-9. May 1849, street fighting, Alter Markt, Dresden. The Prussian army was called to assist.


The Provisional "Government" in the town hall of Dresden


Wien, Kriegsminister Graf Baillet de Latour was seized by the mob and lynched.



"Begnadigt zu Pulver und Blei..."   Robert Blum, a parliamentary member, led the rebellion in Wien. He was captured, condemned by a military tribunal and shot.

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