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3. Schlesisches Dragoner-Regiment 15

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A regiment without a title, 3. Schlesisches Dragoner-Regiment Nr. 15, last garrison in Hagenau/Alsace, XV. Armee-Korps.
Honorary colonel in chief was  Prinz Ludwig Ferdinand von Bayern.
Last commander of the Regiment: Oberstleutnant von Abercron.

Raised in October 1866 in Groß-Strehlitz in Schlesien
1870/71  Border skirmishes in Lorraine, over Rheims to siege of Paris, where it remained till the capitulation of Paris at end of January 1871. On 1. March 1871 entry into Paris.
May-July 1871 into garrison at Hagenau.

1914 After the outbreak of war the Regiment was involved in border clashes in Lorraine., after which it was transferred to the right flank of the front up to Lille. From the end of December 1914 till end of October 1915 back to Lorraine, where it remained on the army reserve. Till October 1916 it saw service on the Belgian-Dutch border.
October 1916 - January 1917 campaign against Roumania
January 1917 - April 1917 securing the Siegfried Line in the West
May 1917  training within the 7. Kavallerie-Division  on the Vosges Front , turning the division into a Kavallerie-Schützen-Division for trench warfare. The horses were withdrawn and the regiment received infantry weapons.
July 1918 Regiment took part in defensive battles on the Western Front as "Schützen-Bataillon Dragoner 15"
The remains of the regiment were sent to Alsace 1n October 1918 for replenishing, the war ending in November. On 12. November the regiment began it's march over the Rhein and was disarmed in Blodelsheim, then being disbanded in Rotenburg a.d. Fulda.

The tradition of the Regiment was carried on by A-Squadron of Reiter-Regiment 8 in Brieg.


Pink facings with white piping to collar and cuffs, the shade of cornflower blue is darker than average. The tunic is of an older style with larger buttons and thicker piping, certainly well before 1900. Right arm has proficiency stripe for lance fencing.


Shoulder detail with hand embroidered regimental number and shoulder button of 3. Eskadron, lowest rank of private, Dragoner



Swedish cuffs, as worn by all Dragoon regiments, facing and button colour varied according to regiment. Regiments 13, 14, 15 and 16 all had white piped collar and cuffs to distinguish them from the older regiments.


Rear skirting detail and waist buttons.



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