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Collision of two Bundeswehr Eurofighters

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A collision between two Bundeswehr Eurofighters over Plau am See in Mecklenburg in June 2019. One pilot was found dead on recovery, the other had to be rescued from a treetop by the fire brigade. One had used the ejector seat, the other is said to have failed, after the two jets collided and went out of control. Residential areas were hit by debris.




Between the two crash sites is a distance of 10 km.


Bundeswehr Jet-Lenker as a Branch Manager










The Branch Manager, or the one that got away.


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"Euro-Veiter" (Eurofighter) übertrifft Starfighter! The US built Bundeswehr-Starfighter was known as the "Witwenmacher" (widow-maker)

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Unfortunate incident, at least one pilot survived. I remember being at Ramstein Air Base when several Italian planes collided above an air show crowd, not a big fan of air shows now. 

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The Italians probably mixed up "Avanti" with "Retreat", rather confusing for an Italian.

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I wish that had been the case, instead the fighters collided and then they crashed into the crowd, killing 70 people, over 300 had major injuries with hundreds more having minor injuries. 

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