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Feldmütze, Ulanen


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A Feldmütze, Stallmütze or Reitmütze for cavalry, similar to infantry. As it has a squadron marking, this example does not originate from the infantry. Being dark blue and with red facings, it could only be from Ulanen-Regiments  1-8, all of which wore red facings.
The cap is probably made by a regimental workshop, and the top has been made from two sections of cloth! A typical sign of thriftyness of the Prussian army. This is a typical issue example as worn in the field or in working dress. Has been folded together for many years, as was also carried in saddle pack when not worn.



Cap could be folded together and stored in saddlepack when the Tschapka was worn.


White cotton lining with name tag of Gefreiter Kühr, 5. Eskadron. No regimental markings.


Top of cap has been made from two sections of cloth, a typical sign of thriftyness of the Prussian military. This would not be noticeable.

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A private purchase soft field cap for Ulanen-Regiment 1-8. Light blue silk lining with a stamp: Eigentum Friedrich.... illegible and two old collector's stamps
Sammlung D. Felbig. Cockades have been overpainted and re-stitched by a previous collector. From an old collection.




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