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Dragoner-Regiment Freiherr von Manteuffel (Rheinisches) Nr. 5

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Uniform Ensemble for Dragoner-Regiment Freiherr von Manteuffel (Rheinisches) Nr. 5, stationed in Hofgeismar since 1875, XI. Armee-Korps.  Raised on 7. May 1860.  Prinz Alfons von Bayern was honorary Commander in Chief.

1864  War against Denmark.  Regiment to Schleswig-Holstein, in garrison at Flensburg and Hadersleben
1866  As part of the Army of the Main under General von Manteuffel, 29.June 1866  Langensalza, 02.August 1866 occupation of Würzburg
1870/71  Sedan, Paris, Loire

1914  Protection of borders and railways in Eastern Belgium
1915  Eastern Front, Baltic, Vilna
1916  Russian Poland,Roumania
1917  Western Front, patrols on border with Holland, then infantry training to rear of Siegfried Line in France
1918  Eastern Front, Galicia, Ukraine
November 1918-February 1919, fighting retreat from Ukraine back to Hofgeismar, arriving on 24. February 1919, when the regiment was demobilised and disbanded. The tradition of the Regiment was carried on by 2. Esk./Reiter-Regiment 16 in Hofgeismar.




Private purchase other ranks' cap, white silk liner with handwritten name: Gerlach


Other ranks' private purchase tunic. Official colour was "cornflower blue", which was often lighter or darker shades of blue.
D.R.1, D.R.5 and D.R.13 wore red facings. On right arm is a proficiency stripe for lance practice.


Shoulder detail with buttons for 2. Eskadron and regimental number. Small rank buttons (25mm) on collar for Gefreiter.



All dragoon regiments wore the Swedish cuff. The bottom of the tunic was not seamed or hemmed, as it was of excellent cloth. Officers' tunics were sometimes with a stiched edge hem.



Tunic rear with waist buttons and skirting detail.


Older M.1860/67 helmet for regiments with white metal fittings, the chinscales were always
brass, the rosettes here silver.


Old type chinscale fittings pre 1894, only one cocade was worn till 1897. On 22.3.1897 the Reichskokarde, black-white-red,
was introduced for the entire army.


One large Prussian cockade to the right side.


Name tag with entry: Einj.-Freiw. Woge, 5. Eskadron.


Kartuschkasten as worn by Dragoner and Kürassiere.


Reverse with attachments for white leather shoulder bandelier. Wide version for pistol ammunition.


Sword belt worn by most mounted troops with the exception of Husars and Ulans. Private purchase example, white patent leather with a lining of fine light grey cloth, this with ageing, yellowing and some moth damage, the brass buckle with patent hook release to rear. White leather equipment was otherwise white buckskin or whitened buff leather (geweißtes, lohgar gegerbtes Leder). With sword hanger and brass hooked chain.

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