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Pre and WW1 Era German Medals

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Here are the few WW1 German Medals I have acquired over the years. 

Franco-Prussian War Medals, for Combatants and Non-Combatants (replacement ribbons). 

Kriegshilfsdienste medal 

Kaiser Wilhelm II Wedding Jubilee medal (replacement ribbon)

EK2 1914 medals, first one is for combatants, second for non-combatants (replacement ribbon) both are magnetic

Bayern 1849 loyalty medal (ribbon may be incorrect)

Bavarian military service cross 3rd class

Prussian jubilee medal, reverse has the following, along the rim it reads: Gestiftet im Jubilaumsjahr 1913, zur Erinnerungan 1813 und 1888. In the center it reads: Krieger Verein, gegr. 1.8.1879, Zucher.  On the Front it has Wilhelm  II Deutscher Kaiser Konig v. Preussen. I am sure the ribbon is a replacement.

Prussian jubilee medal, 25 year anniversary of the war of 1870-71, ribbon looks period, just not sure if it goes with this medal. 















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The last two medals are not official.

The bronze medal with the sword - "Dem tapferen Befreiungsheer 1849" - "To the brave army of liberation" not Bavaria and also not the correct ribbon (this is the ribbon of the Badische  Jubiläumsmedaille, 1902) - It states on the reverse "Leopold Großherzog von Baden" - It is a medal awarded by the Grand Duke of Baden after 1849 to foreign troops, who intervened against the rebellion, where almost all regiments of the state of Baden joined the insurrectionists in the uprising of 1848/9, and occupied several fortresses.  Worn on a ribbon in the colours of the House Order, yellow with woven silver edge stripes.  The Grand Duke fled to safety and Prussia and Bavaria were called upon to put down the revolt, sending troops, who defeated the rebels. There were several court martials and some of those involved in leading the rebellion were shot by firing squad. There were  similar revolts in Vienna, Berlin, Dresden and Paris.
Original ribbon is still obtainable!

The last decoration is unofficial, commemorating the 25th anniversary of the victory over France, 1870/71, and has the (wrong) ribbon of the Kriegsdenkmünze 1870/71, which was official.

The Kaiser Wilhelm Medal with the yellow ribbon - is not Kaiser Wilhelm II., and is not a wedding jubilee medal!  Depicted is Kaiser Wilhelm I., the grandfather of Wilhelm II.  It marked his hundredth birthday on 22. March 1797-1897, as was made of the bronze from French canons from 1870/71.    "Zum Andenken an den 100. Geburtstag des Großen Kaisers Wilhelm I...." Correct but replaced ribbon.

The white ribbon for non-combattants on the iron cross is a modern replacement, and is very much rarer than the normal combattants version.



Baden, Gedächtnismedaille, 1849 (left), yellow ribbon with edge stripes in silver thread.


Here is a better photo.



Kriegsdenkmünze für Nichtkämpfer (non-combattants), iron, on correct ribbon.


Iron Crosses with the normal ribbon and with the "white" ribbon for non-combattants.


An example of the Kaiser Wilhelm (I.)-Gedächtnis-Medaille, 1897 - as worn by a veteran of the 1870/71 War.


Kaiser Wilhelm II., Wedding Jubilee Decoration (25), worn on various types of ribbon, on that of decoration as last received by the recipient, in this example, Allgemeines Ehrenzeichen or Rother-Adler-Orden IV.Klasse.  Silver, pin-back, worn on left lower breast.


Bayern / Bavaria - Militär-Verdienstkreuz 3. Klasse (replacement ribbon), instituted in 1866, awarded till 1918/20.
with crown and swords
with swords
with swords, later 1917/18 example made of Kriegs- or Ersatz-Metall (Zinc), much seldomer encountered, Swords are of iron! (magnetic).

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Thanks Fritz, I was waiting to hear your comments. I appreciate you letting me know about the medals, still learning about them. The US stuff is more my area, but I am slowly expanding into other areas.

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Fritz, on the medals you said were unofficial, what was their purpose? For veterans, money raising scheme? Just curious.

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The first one is a veteran's association medal "Kriegerverein Tuchel" - founded on 1. August 1879, commemorative of the years 1813-1888-1913 - by that association, the second one was probably commercially produced for the 25th anniverary of the victories of 1870/71 for sale/distribution, simply a patriotic symbol. Depicted are:
Kaiser Wilhelm I., Crown Prince Friedrich as commander of the III. Armee, Otto von Bismarck, Reichskanzler (and Major of the Reserve), and Generalfeldmarschall Helmut von Moltke, whose plans and tactics on the battlefield led to victory over the French.

See my text and photos in section under imperial German medals - Preussen (Prussia), Baden, Bavaria/Bayern, etc.

There is also a Battenberg catalogue (by that publisher) of all German ribbons till 1945, each example in full colour, not an expensive
and highly recommended.

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