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WW1 US Enlisted Khaki Service Dress Tunic


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This is a pattern 1911 Cotton Khaki tunic. In August of 1911, the Army changed the previous pattern to have the following: Removal of bellows type pockets, instead having simpler patch pockets. Addition of a standing collar, removal of the stand and fall type. The tunic was closed using rimmed eagle buttons and was unlined without interior pockets. The khaki color varied by manufacturer and the colors ranged from light tan to brown. These tunics were in service until 1919. 

Most US troops arriving in France during WW1 wore the wool versions of these coats. However some units did arrive in France wearing the cotton uniforms and later swapped out for the wool types. After the war, troops heading home during the summer of 1919 were issued the cotton uniforms for parade use and as walking out uniforms. My Great-Grandfather for example arrived in France in July of 1918 wearing the Khaki cotton uniforms, and after the war was issued a olive wool type as his walking out uniform. 

This uniform has three overseas service stripes on the lower left sleeve, as well as an honorable discharge stripe in red and a 1st Army patch with a red engineer castle. It also has a mexican service medal ribbon and victory medal ribbons with 2 campaign stars. 








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