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US M1902 Dress Uniform Tunic #1


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In 1902 the US Army created a dress blue uniform to wear at official functions and ceremonies. This uniform would have colored piping to indicate the wearers branch of service as well as a matching colored aiguillette. The chevrons also matched the wearers branch of service, and towards the bottom of the sleeve were 10 inch long,  1/2 wide chevrons denoting service in prior branches. The service chevrons indicated a 3 year enlistment, so this tunic has a 3 year stint in the USMC (yellow piped with red), 5 stripes in the artillery (15 years), and 2 stripes in the infantry (6 years), so he did at least 24 years, not counting his current position. 

This particular tunis is that of a military school detachment training Sergeant (Westpoint Military Academy is an example). The green chevrons were indicative of this type of training service which were authorized from 1909-1917. The uniform also has brass belt hooks which held the regulation leather belt and saber hanger. The brass circular collar disks show the cogged wheel encircling a hammer and quill crossed on a matted field and was worn till 1921 when regulations changed. 











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"grün und blau trägt die Sau", alter Spruch aus Brandenburg

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