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WW1 Era US Entertainment Items

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As often is the case for any conflict, your time is spent between terror and boredom. US troops along with many other nationalities had to contend with "down time" as best they could. Below are some period examples of games and diversions used.

First is a wooden dice shaker, as gambling was frowned upon or illegal in most militaries, it naturally flourished with the troops. The overall length is about 3 inches, so easy to carry in a pocket, and hide from your superiors!

Next is brass spinner which was popular with British and commonwealth troops.

"Trench checkers" were another popular diversion, this set was available from the USO (United Service Organization). It consisted of a cardboard playing board, and red/black tokens. This set is unissued with the paper sleeve. 

Last is a card game called Flinch, this one has the last revision date of 1913. Cards and card games were widely popular. 













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Here is another neat item from WW1, a deck of cards in a foldable canvas book. It is personalized to Ray A. Newcomb, 101st Engineers. The 101st Engineer regiment was assigned to the 26th Infantry Division or "Yankee Division". Its troops were predominantly from the New England area of America. The 26th Division was the first complete American Division to be committed in France in 1918. Taking part in six major campaigns: Ile de France, Lorraine, Aisne-Marne, St. Mihiel, Meuse-Argonne, Champagne-Marne. The YD Division was cited thirteen times by France, and three times by American Army Headquarters. This Division spearheaded at Chateau Thierry and St. Mihiel and fought the longest of all American Infantry Divisions - 210 days. The 104th Infantry became the first military organization in American history to receive a decoration from a foreign government when it was awarded the Croix de Guerre with Palms by the French on April 28, 1918 for bravery in the Battle of Apremont.






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