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Aviation Photos and Memorabilia 1914-1918

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Oberleutnant Oswald Bölcke and Leutnant Max Immelmann amongst their comrades.
Front row:

Salffner, Meding, Lt.Albert Oesterreicher, Bölcke, Hptm. Hermann Kastner, Lt. Max Immelmann, von Krause, Lt. Ernst Hess

Back row:

Lt. Max Mulzer, von Schilling, Oblt. Maximilian von Cossel, Fromme, Oblt. von Gusnar

Taken the last day on which Bölcke and Immelmann together in the same group. Bölcke was despatched the next day for preparation for the Verdun Offensive. He was in Douai in June for the funeral of Max Immelmann + 18.6.1916


Oswald Bölcke, a commemorative postcard, 40 Victories


Hauptmann Oswald Bölcke (Boelcke)
*19.05.1891, Giebichenstein b. Halle a/d Saale
+28.10.1916, Bapaume, fatal accident
Pour le Mérite, 12.01.1916
(Telegraphen-Bataillon 3)


Oberleutnant Max Immelmann
* 21.9.1890, Dresden
+ 18. 9.1916, Annay, Pas-de-Calais
Pour le Mérite, 12.1.1916




Richthofen in the peacetime uniform, Kriegskarte, Probably  licensed from Sanke


Sanke postcard of Rittmeister Manfred von Richthofen. These were published in large quantities and each photo had an order number, which can be seen at the front of the card as well as the manufacturer's logo and the name of the person depicted, very collectable, and these cards can reach high prices, especially when there is an original autograph of the person depicted.
This particular photo is well known and has been featured in many biographies of Richthofen. Not known when this portrait was taken, presumaby after December 1916 (Pour le Mérite, 12. January 1917) and before 21. April 1918. Cards printed after that date bore a small cross after the name.
In the photo he is wearing the uniform of his old regiment, Ulanen-Regiment 1, along with the military pilots badge, Iron Cross 1st and 2nd class and the Ordre Pour le Mérite. There are many various other photos of Richthofen by Sanke and by other photographers and publishers, as he was very popular. To the bottom left hand corner of the picture is the logo or trademark of Rotophot AG, which was founded in 1912. Sanke and Rotophot were still in business during the 1920s and 1930s.


A rare set of five cards, numbered 3000-3004 by Verlag Harry Rothenberg, Breslau, not so well known as the Sanke series:


Richthofen, this card was printed after 21.4.1918 +



Gebrüder Richthofen, Manfred and Lothar, printed after 21.4.1918+




Oberleutnant Lothar Freiherr von Richthofen, Manfred's younger brother
* 27.9.1894, Breslau
+ 4.7.1922, Hamburg
Pour le Mérite, 14.5.1917



Leutnant Kurt Wolff,
* Greifswald, 6.2.1895
+ Werwik, 5.9.1917
Pour le Mérite, 4. 5.1917


Leutnant Karl Allmenröder
* 3.5.1896, Wald b. Solingen
+ 27.6.1916, Zillebeke

A member of the Richthofen "Flying Circus" who joined Jasta 11 in late 1916 and gained over 30 victories before being shot down on 27. June 1917 near Zillebeke, Belgium. The photo was taken before he gained the Pour le Mérite and which has been added later to the photo. His other decorations as seen in the photo are the Iron Cross 1st class, the Military Pilots Badge and the Oldenburg Friedrich-August-Kreuz 1st class. After the crash he was recovered from the battlefield and buried in his home town Solingen-Wald, where his grave can be seen today.


Funeral of Karl Allmenröder, decorations can be seen in this photo (Sanke): The Hausorden von Hohenzollern (Ritterkreuz) can be seen in the photo (centre).
The circumstances leading to his death are still unclear. A Canadian ace, Fl./Lt. Raymond Collishaw,  R.N.A.S., was accredited with this, however, there is a discrepancy in the dates.


Leutnant Emil Schaefer, Jasta 11 Pilot
* 7.12.1891, Krefeld
+ 5.12.1917 bei Ypres
26.4.1917, Pour le Mérite
(Jäger-Bataillon 7)


Leutnant Gustav Leffers
* 2.1.1895, Wilhelmshaven
+ 27.12.1916, Cerisy
Pour le Mérite, 5.11.1916

Leffers reportedly flew a captured French Nieuport


Offizier-Stellvertreter Edmund Nathaniel
* 18.12.1889, Dielsdorf
+ 11.5.1917, Bourlon Wood
15 victories


Oberleutnant Hermann Göring, last commander of the Richthofen Squadron
* 2.1.1893, Rosenheim
+ 15.10.1946, Nürnberg
Pour le Mérite, 2.6.1918
22 victories


Flieger from Flieger-Bataillon 2  in marching order, undated private photo, early uniform.



A wartime photo of a soldier of Ulanen-Regiment 13 in peacetime unform, with wartime leather equipment. The large metal scaled epaulettes have been removed and grey cloth shoulder straps of the Fliegertruppe have been added. Unusual photo depicting rear area use of the old peacetime uniform, the Tschapka is worn here without it's field cover.

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Bayern: Militär-Flugzeugführer-Abzeichen, silver by Karl Poellath, Schrobenhausen



Deutsches Reich
Militär Flugzeugführer-Abzeichen, 1913-1918. Early silver example by C.E. Juncker, Berlin

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Leutnant, Luftschiffer-Bataillon. Both from same source. Bright version for dress tunic or Litewka, grey version for the Bluse.



Wallmeister, Pioniere
Kraftfahr-Bataillon. Resedagrünes Tuch
Kraftfahr-Bataillon. Taubengraues Tuch. Moth damage repair



Telegraphen-Bataillon 1, Berlin-Treptow.   Resedagrünes Tuch


Flieger-Bataillon 1, fieldgrey.
Scheinwerfer-Zug der Flugabwehr-Artillerie



Krätzchen - field cap for Flieger, Artillery, Pioniere, etc. Marked to B.A.XIV 1915, Baden, but with Prussian cockade. A lot of wear, some old oil stains and repairs.



Flieger-Bataillon 5, the '5' has been removed. Correct dove-grey colour




A souvenir cloth bag with a dedication- Erinnerung an den Pferdetransport nach Konstantinow, Rußland vom 22.Januar 1916 bis 8. Februar 1916,
Kanonier R.K. Dertinger 1/3. Feld Art.Reg. 63,  Frankfurt a/M.


This group all belongs together, shoulder straps, collar buttons, an otherwise empty postcard packet and a small cloth bag with a souvenir dedication


Peaked cap for Officer or Feldwebel, as for Flieger, Artillery, Pionier, etc.



Tschako of the Verkehrstruppen
Flieger, Telegraphen, Kraftfahr, Luftschiffer
Photo showing Tschakos worn with the official uniform of the Fliegertruppe by the guard of honour at the funeral of Oswald Bölcke, Cambrai Cathedral, 1916


Tschako similar to model worn by Flieger-Bataillon 1-4, etc.
These were all the official uniform of the Fliegertruppe, but in practise, most personnel wore the uniform of the troop they transferred from, as can be seen in many old photos.

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Updated and to be continued









Leefe Robinson shot down Zeppelin LZ 11 over Cuffley, Potters Bar, Herts. on 3rd September 1916, here depicted
A portrait of an unknown RFC man
A group photo of RFC men, handwritten in pencil, very faint, hardly legible short message dated 22/6/18

The RFC, still wearing the khaki uniforms of a special cut, were redesignated Royal Air Force on 1st April 1918.



2 other ranks' cap badges, one well worn, the other still with all detail
A pair of shoulder flashes, white on black
Am rank badge, gold bullion on dark blue, propellor over "O",   possibly RNAS or later Fleet Air Arm petty officer air mechanic.
A pilots wings, beige embroidery on khaki cloth



Wing for Observer, Royal Flying Corps. Unused, early quality unpadded, to the rear light brown weave. The observer wing was worn till about 1940/41


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