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Sensational Find in Brandenburg!

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Picture by Nordkurier/Michael Helbig

Found in a wood in the southern part of Brandenburg just about 3 years ago, nobody knows what they are or how they got there! Even the Fürst Pückler Museum & Stiftung is puzzled, and is trying to research if they have a connection with the Fürst Pückler family.
Well, as collectors can see, These weapons are all just over a hundred years old, but no older. The second from the left is a Prussian Infantry Officer sword M.1889, the one to the left, which is lying downside up, is either Reichswehr or Wehrmacht, second from the right is a 98/05 bayonet, and otherwise, two fencing or practice weapons, all very rusty. These could have been plundered by the Russians in 1945 and then discarded in the woods, or the original owner decided to ditch them, as there was a death penalty in the occupied zones for the possession of these articles.

Original text of news article under:



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