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Königreich Preußen, Orders & Decorations

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Königreich Preußen,  1701-1918

Befreiungskriege, 1813-1814 and 1815, campaign medals
Bronze from captured French canon, 2nd series cast in Berlin, edge stamped:   AUS EROBERTEM GESCHUTZ
(first series was cast in Paris)




Medal for 1813 on newer replacement ribbon.
Medal for 1813-1814 on later 19th century ribbon.



Medals for 1814 on original period ribbon.
Medal for 1815 (Waterloo, "La Belle Alliance", Quatre Bras, Ligny, etc.) On copy ribbon

Early to Mid 19th Century



Neufchâtel Medal for the suppression of the rebellion in the Province of Neufchâtel (Neuenburg), 1831. Silver on replacement ribbon
"Fidelité au Devoir et à la Patrie, 1831"
Commemorative medal from 17. March 1863 for the Napoleonic Wars, awarded to all surviving veterans. Goldbronze on original ribbon




Hohenzollern Medal for the suppression of the Revolution in Berlin 1848 and other regions and the First Schleswig-Holstein War.
Version for combattants. On replacement ribbon of pre 1945 manufacture. This was the ribbon of the Royal House Order of Hohenzollern

Einigungskriege - Wars for the unification
1864 Second Schleswig-Holstein War



Düppeler Sturmkreuz, 18. April 1864, on older replacement ribbon
Alsen Kreuz, 29. June 1864, on short original period ribbon
Kriegsdenkmünze 1864, on short older ribbon. Cast from captured Danish canon. There was also an Austrian version, identical, but with the monograms in the reverse order. The ribbon is in the Austrian and Prussian colours.

The German War of 1866



Erinnerungskreuz für Königgrätz, 3. July 1866
Erinnerungskreuz für die Main-Armee, 1866



Erinnerungskreuz "Treuen Kriegern" for those in other theatres of war
Erinnerungskreuz "Für Pflichttreue im Kriege" 1866, for non-combattants (a different type of Bronze)
All on correct original or older ribbons

The War against France, 1870/71
After the last adversary had been overcome, nothing more stood in the way of the German Unification;
the King of Prussia was unanimously proclaimed as German Emperor in the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles on 18. January 1871


Medal for non-combattants in iron on ribbon for non-combattants, 1870/71



An example as worn: A private purchase example, silver plated and with a narrower ring, for non-combattants, mounted on ribbon for combattants! A non-combattant, who was involved in the battlefield or under fire.   The first decoration on the set is missing, this was either the Allgemeines Ehrenzeichen or the Roter Adler Orden, both of which were "rückgabepflichtig" (to be returned after the death of the wearer). Top quality mounted in a style known as "Bogenbänder".





Various loose bars, size and script could vary, bars were always size-matched. Bars were available in 1895 for the 25th anniversary of the war, and could be purchased by those entitled.



All original examples bear the edge inscription: AUS EROBERTEM GESCHUETZ

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The Kingdom of Prussia in the borders of 1914


Zollverein or Customs Union, 1834-1919.
The later European Union was based on this idea.


The Provinces of Prussia, after annexations in 1918/19.

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