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Wandsbek Museum turns down an offer of old photos

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Last week a visitor to the Museum offered a batch of mixed old photos. The Museum turned these down. However, the visitor offered to leave these with the museum for two weeks in order that the photos be copied for the Museum's use. However, it turned out that the Museum does not "require" the photos whatsoever!
I thought this was rather a shame, so I quickly photographed these, so that some record remains. Most of the photos are of Hussars of various regiments, including a splendid example of a Reserve Officer of the Leib-Husaren-Regiment 2 in Danzig in full parade uniform,
this taken at a studio in a very exclusive part of Hamburg city centre near the Alster. Another photo is of the Brunswick Hussar Regiment 17, a shoulder portrait of a Füsilier of Füsilier-Regiment 86 in Flensburg with shoulder monogram, and another very early photo of a Tambour (drummer) in full field uniform of that regiment, also a faded tin-plate photo of a Hussar and two Ulans, around 1870.








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Another large batch of photos was also offered to the Museum, which they again turned down. There are some really nice photos included.
More to be posted later. This particualar photo is inscribed: Weihnachten 1914. A Christmas photo, all in different uniforms and from the IX. Armee-Korps.
They are very likely a group of young war volunteers directly from a school class, enlisting in different regiments. The man in the centre is clearly a volunteer
in Mecklenburg Dragoner-Regiment 17 (Ludwigslust), very fine quality uniform.
All but one are wearing peacetime uniforms, as fieldgrey was in shortage.
Those remaining from left to right can be identified as
Füsilier-Regt.Königin Nr.86 (Flensburg)
Infanterie-Regt. Hamburg Nr.76 (no shoulder straps, but cockade "Hanseatic")
Mecklenburg Grenadier-Regt.89 (Schwerin)
Feldartillerie-Regt.45 (Rendsburg/Altona)





Mecklenburgisches Dragoner-Regiment 17
Prisonnier de Guerre D. Griem No.249, Le Mans (Sarthe) France, zum Andenken an deinen lieben Cousin, Richard, Juni 1918


Mecklenburger, possibly Füsilier-Regt. 90 (Rostock) or a Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment
recognisable by the belt buckle and the cockade, which possibly has a Reserve cross in the centre.


Mecklenburg, Füsilier-Regiment 90 (Rostock). Studio Rembrandt


Mecklenburg, Grenadier-Regiment 89, Unteroffizier, early photo after 1866. Photogr.Atelier W.Harnack, Münzstr.283, Schwerin.
Wearing 1866 war cross, hand-coloured uniform details.

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Some early photos of the period 1864-1871


Landwehr or Landsturm I.R.85, probably Unteroffizier, with campaign medals 1866 and 1870. Photo Atelier Gudenrath, Heide/Holstein
2 Musketiere, ca. 1866, Photographie A. Jaich, Flensburg, Grosse Straße No.21


Train, Krankenträger, IX. Armee-Korps, ca. 1870
2 Officials - Militärbeamte, uniforms with Passanten for Offz. Epaulettes, Post 1864, illegible Studio name in Sönderburg

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Schleswig-Holsteinisches Pionier-Bataillon 9, Harburg/Elbe



Walking-out dress, 1910
Full marching order, Johannes Kuchel, 2.Komp., 10. May 1908




Walking-out dress

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Husaren-Regiment 16, Schleswig, early photo by G.J.Koch, Schleswig, Lollfuss 18-20
Pommersches Ulanen-Regiment 9, Demmin. Photo, Ludwig Behning, Wilster, Am Markt 15


Fieldgrey, full marching order, leather equipment blackened and polished
Walking-out dress, early wartime, badge for machinegun troops, Schleswig
Walking-out home leave dress with iron cross and wound badge, Schleswig, 1918

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Flensburg, 18. April 1915 - "...Meiner lieben Hedwig, Ihr Hermann..."
Feldmarschmäßig. Equipment not blackened, no shoulder straps, no numbers on helmet cover,
carrying old M.71/84 rifle


Unteroffizier, Infanterie-Regiment Hamburg Nr.76


Ausmarschuniform with flowers, 1914/15. Inscribed: Links, Emil Ahlers, geb. 1890
Atelier Georg Scholz, Wandsbek.


Studio H.Kettelhohn, Bad Oldesloe, Markt. Possibly Infanterie-Regiment Lübeck 162 / III.Btl. in Eutin
Unteroffizier wearing "vereinfachter Waffenrock" (simplified tunic), ca. 1915/16


Infanterie-Regiment Hamburg Nr. 76


A war volunteer from Hamburg, most likely from the Jewish community: Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment 205,
Raised 16.8.1914. Losses of the regiment, 3.300 men


Zur Erinnerung an unsere erste Übung als Landwehrmann, 6. Pionier-Batailon 9, 1891. Lüttgens Photogr., Rendsburg


Feldartillerie-Regiment 45, Rendsburg

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Probably Infanterie-Regiment 84, Hadersleben
Infanterie-Regiment 85, Rendsburg/Kiel


J.R. 85 the first two, third photo J.R.84, Hadersleben


J.R.76 / III.,  J.R.85, c.1890 / J.R.85 /  2.K./J.R.76, c.1906


Train-Bataillon 9 / J.R.163, Neumünster / J.R.76, Hamburg / Train-Bataillon 9, Rendsburg


Feldwebel J.R.84 older photo with whitened belt / Unteroffizier, Pionier-Batl.9 / J.R.85, ca. 1875 / possibly J.R.84, 1890


J.R.84 /  Ludwig Vadler, 5.Komp./ J.R.84, 1911


Gefreiter, Train-Btl.9 / Sergeant, Train-Btl.9 /Train-Btl.9 / older photo J.R.76 (?), whitened belt


2.K. / J.R.76, ca. 1906 / J.R.84 (?) / Gefreiter, J.R.85 / J.R.31 (?) special badge for Vorarbeiter-Handwerker


Infanterie-Regiment 31, Altona. Long white trousers were worn for Summer walking-out dress and parade uniform



Photos given by friends to Sanitäts-Sergeanten Pasvogel (Hus.-Regt.15, Wandsbek)


Train-Bataillon 9, Rendsburg

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