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Museum, "Gelbes Haus", Esslingen/Württ.

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A Museum's requisit in the "Gelbes Haus" in Esslingen / Württemberg. A 1916 steel helmet, Q66, without liner and most of paintwork missing as an example of a local production, this by Quist of Esslingen. Article is well described including measurements and weight of this example of a production by a local firm. Esslingen is a centre of steel production and of car parts, especially for Daimler-Benz.

Photo by Daniela Wolf (who sounds familiar, if she or her parents live in Köngen)

Further information under original German text:







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The steel helmet worn by Ernst Jünger (Pour le Mérite) as he was wounded, 18 wounds! He received the Pour le Mérite and survived to become a famous author. He served in the Second World War as a Reserve Officer. His most famous work was "In Stahlgewittern", the account of his experiences in the Great War. The helmet is in the collections of the Marburger Literaturmuseum. Ernst Jünger died at the age of 102 in 1998 in Wilfingen. He also had served in the French Foreign Legion before World War I. During WW1 he served with Infanterie-Regiment 77. After the outbreak of war in 1939 he served on the Westwall, where he won the 1939 bar to the Iron Cross 2nd Class 1914 for saving a wounded soldier.
After that he served on the staff of the Military Governor of France, Generaloberst von Stülpnagel till Summer of 1944, leaving  the city  after the Allies began their Operation Overlord, along with the evacuating German troops, and returned to Kirchhorst in Lower Saxony, where he was dismissed from the regular Wehrmacht. At the end of the war he commanded a Volkssturm unit, but ordered no resistance against the advancing allied troops.




Ernst Jünger at the head of his company, the march to France, 1940



A portrait by Stefan Moses



A postage stamp commemorating Ernst Jünger, 1998



A recent edition of his most famous work.



The war diary of Ernst Jünger


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