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Police raid Militaria Fair - Dorfmark, Lower Saxony

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About four times a year there is a Militaria Fair in Dorfmark (near Fallingbostel), about 100 km from Hamburg, which has been taking place since the late 1970s or even earlier. Dealers and collectors meet and buy, sell and exchange militaria, etc. There has never been any trouble in the past, and I attended several of these fairs many years ago.

A collector colleague told me this evening that there was a raid by police after an anonymous tip was given, and many items were confiscated, including over 100 edged weapons, a submachine gun with a round magazine, a heavy machinegun on a tripod and several rifles, as well as any items with a swastika not covered. The colleague told me he had paid for a two metre stand and had a selection of edged weapons and belt buckles from his collection. The edged weapons were all confiscated, but he managed to put a belt buckle with a swastika into his pocket without being noticed. He thinks he will not get his weapons returned, more than likely, all weapons confiscated will be destroyed, he conveyed. He also thinks he will be charged at some stage, once for the weapons and once for the swasktikas. He is going to wait and see what happens, he told me. Apparently, since 2005 there has been a change of law regarding edged weapons, and they are no longer permitted to be publicly sold or displayed, swastikas, of course, completely tabu, there he was a bit careless.

Also now in the news, as seen in MK Kreiszeitung and NDR


Nach anonymem Hinweis

Polizei findet Maschinengewehr und Nazi-Gegenstände bei Militarier-Treffen

Aktualisiert: 11.03.19 16:31


Die Polizei hat nach einem anonymen Hinweis bei einem Sammlertreffen von Militariern mehrere Gegenstände und Waffen sichergestellt, darunter ein Maschinengewehr auf Lafette.


Dorfmark - Das Treffen fand am Sonntagmorgen öffentlich in einem Gasthaus an der Poststraße in Dorfmark statt. Ein anonymer Hinweis auf Waffen und Nazi-Devotionalien (Gegenstände mit Nazi-Symbolen), die dort zum Verkauf angeboten werden sollten, sorgte schließlich für einen größeren Polizeieinsatz. 

Die Beamten beschlagnahmten ein Maschinengewehr auf Lafette, eine Maschinenpistole mit Rundmagazin, drei Gewehre, über 100 Hieb- und Stoßwaffen und mehrere NS-Devotionalien. Aktuell werden die Gegenstände überprüft, teilt die Polizei mit.

Die Ermittlungen wegen Verstößen gegen das Kriegswaffenkontrollgesetz und das Waffengesetz sowie wegen Verwenden von Kennzeichen verfassungswidriger Organisationen laufen.

Rubriklistenbild: © dpa




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