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An older copy of the DWJ Deutsches Waffen-Journal, dating from October 2006;
this was readlily available from most newsagents, now mainly only under subscription;
otherwise difficult to find. The magazine presents all actual developments of firearm laws
with respect to collecting, storage and use, as well as interesting topics all about antique
and modern firearms, as well as occasional militaria, and has an adverts section. A very
good magazine for collectors. In the past few years no longer available from most newsagents. Strange.




An article about the BD44, a version of the Sturmgewehr 44 - which about 500.000 were produced and issued
to the Wehrmacht. The Russians developed their Kalaschnikow from this weapon.



An Ersatz type of Machine Pistol for simplified production, developed from the MP34



An interesting article about a Fahnenträger-Seitengewehr from a Württemberg infantry regiment. This was discovered at an arms fair in Elsace, and research attributed it to one of the last standard bearers from this regiment, 2 fell and one was wounded, saving the colours, which were then withdrawn from the Front in 1915.




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DMZ - Deutsche Militär-Zeitschrift
A rare publication, a special edition featuring the Waffen-SS from January 2007. This magazine is no longer available to the general public or at newsagents,
probably only on subscription, if not already banned, has long earned a bad repution with the broad mass general public, as most other publications of special interest.



Front cover shows prominent former soldiers of the Waffen-SS
The author Günter Grass admitted just very recently that he had been a 17-year old volunteer with the Frundsberg-Div.
Otto Skorzeny survived the war and became a successfull businessman and advisor to several governments
Günter Samtnebe entered politics in the postwar period and joined the SPD, became Oberbürgermeister of Dortmund
Franz Schonhuber, a prominent member of the Bavarian CSU
Otto Beisheim founded the Metro Concern
Jochen Peiper, much tormented, spent his last years in France, murdered by local communist former Maquis members.
All now deceased.


Panzer Ace Michael Wittmann went down with guns blazing in Normandy, August 1944


The Waffen-SS, a controversial troop,  and Paul Hausser, who made a great contribution to the develpment of the troop.


Freed Mussolini, Otto Skorzeny, of Austrian origin, spent most of the postwar years abroad, and died in Spain.


Himmler, the almighty, a short biography


Battles on the Eastern Front


The case of Tulle and Oradour, "Das Reich" in the war against the partisans.


Mutilated and tortured:  Allied war crimes against the Waffen-SS


Nürnberg   and the Waffen-SS on trial




The Malmedy Affair: Jochen Peiper on trial

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